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Libre Logos

Free, exclusive logos

For open source projects and NGOs - Free, exclusive logos for open source projects & NGOs | Product Hunt
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Free and Open Source

All logos will be given free of charge. Nothing will be paid to acquire them.

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Exclusive, Trademarkable Logo

Each logo is claimed once. Copyright transfers to the project that claims the logo.

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Original Vector Art

Original SVG and high-resolution PNG will be provided.


To claim a logo, you must an active open source project or a registered NGO. "Active" here means:

  • Regular commits
  • More than one contributor
  • Over 100 GitHub stars
  • Git history spanning over 1 year

How to claim a logo

  • To begin claiming a logo, create a GitHub issue, using the "logo request" issue template . Please fill the template completely. The more information you provide, the faster your request will be processed.
  • Your issue will be reviewed. The "under review" label may be added to the issue.
  • If your project is eligible and the requested logo is available, your request will be granted. Once the logo is marked as "Claimed" and R: Granted label is added to the issue, the requested logo is officially yours. Congratulations! At this point, all copyright transfers to your project.